Selected reviews of productions by Andrea Mellis.


Big Box Theatre
Kempten, Germany


  » The Pirates of Penzance

 THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE (Gilbert & Sullivan) (2012)
... "The Canadian director Andrea Mellis cleverly avoided "modernising" her production. Instead, she has skillfully used the vocal and acting potential of the 40-strong amateur ensemble. Her simple sets (pirate ship, rocky coast and palace) are given depth from effective lighting, and leave plenty of room for impressively choreographed mass chorus scenes. Fantastic are the many artful choreographies: One highpoint; the tap-dancing policemen!
... a lot of fun, and the actors were rewarded with standing ovations."

Michael Dumler, in Allgäuer Zeitung, 26 May, 2012


Frundsberg Festival,
Kleinen Kolleghof
Mindelheim, Germany


  » La Mandragola

 LA MANDRAGOLA (Nicolò Machiavelli) (2012)
... "The British-Canadian director, Andrea Mellis made a new translation for her production of "La Mandragola," one of the most significant comedies of the Renaissance period. Witty, light and engaging , the dialogue scenes swing from gushing romantic to wily deceit to sociopolitical taunts, for example, about women who are "the most charitable of creatures, as well as the most annoying."
Allgäuer Zeitung, 4 July, 2012


Dehnberger Hof Theater,
Dehnberg, Germany


   Oh wie schön ist Panama

 OH WIE SCHÖN IST PANAMA (Hans Kraus-Hübner) (2011)
(world première)
... "Lengthy applause rewarded the performers and the production team of the chamber opera for children "Oh, how beautiful is Panama!" at the weekend's premiere in the sold-out Denhnberger Hof Theater. Once again the DHT has, with an in-house production of a children's opera, succeeded in mounting an exciting performance. Hans Kraus-Hübner wrote the music, Michaela Moritz the libretto and the director was Andrea Mellis."
Pegnitzer Zeitung, 11 March, 2011


University for Music
and the Performing Arts in Vienna
Neue Studiobühne


  » Falsettos

 FALSETTOS (William Finn) (2003)
... "Once again it is the innovative Musical Theatre Course of the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna which shows with its latest production that there are still musicals worth discovering... Vienna's Impressarios should act decisively and buy in this production."

Wiener Zeitung, 28 May, 2003


University for Music
and the Performing Arts in Vienna
Neue Studiobühne

  » On the town
   ON THE TOWN (Leonard Bernstein) (2002)
... "New York, New York, a helluva town" is the title of the best-known hit. What the Musical Theatre Class, under the direction of its Head of Studies, Andrea Mellis, has accomplished here deserves the rubric "What a helluva production!"

Wiener Zeitung, May 16, 2002


University for Music
and the Performing Arts in Vienna
Neue Studiobühne

  » Godspell
  GODSPELL (Stephen Schwarz) (2001)
 ... "The Course for Musical Theatre at the University for Music and the Performing Arts is showing until the 23rd May in the Studiobühne an example of what the students are learning and what they can do. They have chosen the musical "Godspell" by Stephen Schwarz, one of those rock musical from the 70s which offers a big ensemble enough opportunities to display their talents.
  The young performers take full advantage of the opportunity. They succeed with this thoroughly persuasive production of this period musical, and they show that the theatre is first and foremost for the performers and only secondly for technical effect."

Wiener Zeitung, May 22, 2001


Theater Hof, Germany,

  » Hierher kam der Flötenton
   HIEHER KAM DER FLÖTENTON ((Mellis/Mozart) (2001)
 ... "Director Andrea Mellis, who gave us convincing work with children and young people two years ago in "Pollicino", places still greater importance on young performers in her "newly told fairy-tale". This time they are the protagonists, along with the hardened opera professionals. Andrea Mellis has made a hit with this new production."
Hofer Zeitung, May 5, 2001

... "The several spontaneous outbursts of applause during the scenes and the joyful acclamation at the end are not for the 39th digest of Mozart's masterpiece, but for a radical new version for which the composer would have felt sheer joy....
That which we saw and heard was undoubtedly magical....The piece fascinated and entertained, not least because of the spontaneity with which the young people reacted to the stage situation....this probably first really alternative 'Magic Flute'".

Nordbayericher Kurier, May 5, 2001


Hof, Germany

  » Pollicino
   POLLICINO (Hans Werner Henze) (1999)
... "The secret of its success - and without doubt this is what it was - lies in Henze's conception. This is that professionals and amateurs work on an equal level with each other and thereby both profit from it. Director Andrea Mellis and conductor John Groos understood how to capitalize in this and they are at pains to bring about this integration and achievement. The enthusiasm at the end was great on all sides, and fully justified."
Nordbayerischer Kurier 17th/18th April 1999

... "The controlled enthusiasm with which they tackled the tricky task deserves more than respect."
Frankenpost 17th/18th April 1999

..."The children take part and identify ever better with their roles in the course of the evening."
Bayerische Rundschau 17th/18th April 1999


Festspielhaus, St. Pölten, Austria

  » La Favola d'Orfeo
   L'ORFEO (Claudio Monteverdi) (1997)
... "It demands a certain creativity to perform an opera in a hall with no stage, curtain or orchestra pit: one replaces the baroque orchestra with a modern chamber-music ensemble, places the musicians on both sides of the playing area, for the chorus one integrates a team of enthusiastic members of the BORG (high school) Krems, fills the principal roles with top-quality soloists - and the acoustic work-of-art is ready, without its having lost a trace of its original beauty.
The director, Andrea Mellis, is to be congratulated. Monteverdi would surely have turned in his grave - in order to watch."

Niederösterreichische Nachrichten



Rochus Church, Vienna

  » Ludus Danielis/
Daniel in the Lion’s Den
    LUDUS DANIELIS (Liturgical Drama) (1996)
... "Ludus Danielis is not about a dry historical reconstruction of the mediæval mystery play. The approach of Andrea Mellis is fresh and lively. In this version it is a dazzling theatrical mixture of professionals, amateurs and children.
Mariahilfer Oper, consistent to their magnificent production of Benjamin Britten's "Noye's Fludde"
[also directed by Andrea Mellis], have used the experience to advantage in this less elaborate piece.
Andrea Mellis has created a splendid lively theatre of movement, which uses the whole space of the church as a playing area."

Wiener Zeitung 11th May 1996



Minoriten Church, Vienna

  » Noye's Fludde
Noah's Flood
    NOYE'S FLUDDE (Benjamin Britten) (1995)
... "Mariahilfer Oper has been sensationally successful in presenting the first performance of this Britten work in the country. Andrea Mellis's a triumph of naturalness and liveliness. The performance is in the highest degree true to the work. Under no circumstances should one miss this magnificent production of a masterpiece."

Wiener Zeitung 5th May 1995